• Some answers and commentary relating to frequently asked questions! 
  • We cannot accept our bottles back, they go to recycling depots 
  • We cannot accept other breweries growlers, Serpent growlers are taken in, cleaned and filled to ensure fresh beer 
  • Crowlers (our 1liter cans) although are a great way to package product have the same shelf life of an unopened growler (about 72 hours) if kept cold. 

  • Pets are allowed at the brewery. Please keep them at your table, on leash at all times. Allow distance for the servers/other guests to get around your pet. Respect that not everyone is ok with dogs. It is a privilege to allow them in and that may be removed at any time. We have water bowls that we wash between each use. If your dog continues to bark you will be asked to leave. If your cat continues to bark you’ll likely end up posted on our social media. 

  • Children are allowed at the brewery however this is a privilege we enjoy not a right. Children must remain at your side and at your table at all times. Loud and unruly children (or adults) will be asked to leave. 

  • We have a zero tolerance policy with public intoxication and drinking and driving. There are several cabs that circumvent the mall and we will happily call one of them to provide you with a means for you to get home safe. We also have ample parking spaces for you to leave your vehicle overnight however although it is well lit and surveilled Serpent Brewing INC. is not responsible for any of your belongings left at or around the business. 

  • You may be filmed photographed and posted on social media while at the brewery especially while attending live events.