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Our Brews

Patey’s Bier - Belgian Single - 4.6% ABV

Often not available outside the Abbey in Belgium, the Belgian Single began as a lower strength daily ration for the monks and was often brewed from the last runnings of a much stronger Tripel mash. Also known as Patersbier “Father’s Beer” our single is in dedication to our brewers Grandfather Theo Patey who was known for his home-brew back in Newfoundland. 

A pale yellow ale with a beautiful white head that persists. Subtle fruit and spice characteristics from both the yeast and the hops. Characteristic pilsner malt’s slight bread and grain flavours accented by a soft malt palette, light body, and high carbonation. 

Available now by 64oz Growler fill

Eden - Belgian IPA - 6.0% ABV

A relatively new invention, the Belgian IPA is a beautiful marriage of the spice and fruit elements commonly found from the hops in an IPA and the yeast in a Belgian Ale. A marriage that is often at odds, however we’ve found the perfect lovers; a hop that brings a delicious orange zest, lemon, and earl grey, with the yeast bringing just the right touch of clove-like phenols, and fruit aromas. Our Eden is brewed with generous amounts of wheat bringing it into the realm of a Belgian version of the much loved New England IPA.

Available now by 64oz Growler fill

White Mountain - Witbier - 5.5% ABV

The history of the Witbier goes back 400 years, maintaining a standard recipe of half and half wheat and barely. The style died off in the 50’s only to be revived by Pierre Celis who invented Hoegaarden. The style has since gone on to become one of Belgiums most popular in North America and around the world. 

Our White Mountain has no intentions of reinventing that wheel. A soft, slightly sweet, grainy palette and favour gives way to a wave of coriander and orange peel. The yeast here provides a nice dry and tart finish, while complimenting the spice and fruit additions with some clove phenols, lending to a very refreshing beer. 

Available now by 64oz growler fill

Sprytown Saison - Saison - 5.5% ABV

Saison (Season) was traditionally a beer brewed by the farmers of France and Belgium. After the more favourable goods from the years harvest were provided, what was left was brewed into a beer intended for long aging over the winter months. This aging process transformed what would have went to waste into a delicious, yet rustic, and characterful beer. There are big things happening out here in our community of Spryfield, and in many of the communities of Nova Scotia that were also propped up on its long farming history. Our Sprytown Saison  pays homage to what was, what is, and what will come to be out here in Spryfield. 

You may notice the multiple colors on the bottle? Each season we will change these along with the recipe. The current version features a French Saison yeast which brings a beautiful smoke phenolic marrying with a subtle roast/caramel from Munich Malt. Subtle additions of more characterful malts give the impression of the rustic end of harvest beers of the farmers tradition. 

Available now by 64oz growler fill

Medusa - Belgian Dubbel - 7.4% ABV

A rich and complex mix of raisin, plumb, dried fruit, and toffee flavours and aromas. This heavyweight originates from the middle-ages but was revived several times, once in the mid 1800s and again with the rebuilding of the war ransacked monasteries. The yeast in this beer originates from one of these monasteries and after feeding on a generous helping of dark Belgian candy syrup leaves a complex mix of alcohol, esters, and phenols, that with a long aging period mellow it’s head of serpents into a flavourful drink, sure to warm the coldest of winter souls. 

Available now by 500ml bottle

33 - Belgian Tripel - 8.0% ABV

The king of Belgian Beers. With the advent of pale malting techniques that saw the decline of previously smoked/roasted beers and the ushering in of pale malt the Belgians needed an answer to the immensely popular and easy drinking Pilsner. In classic Belgian style their answer, while being dangerously easy drinking, brings us the crowning achievement of Trappist and Belgian brewing. Brewed with a reasonable mash of primarily pilsner malt, a generous addition of simple Belgian syrup ups the ante. The Tripel applies a common methodology of deriving its subtle spice and fruit notes from both the yeast and hops. 

Available now by 500ml bottle

The Bite - Apple Cider - 5% ABV

Serpent’s apple cider is a delicious blend of fresh Annapolis Valley apple juice. Fermented in two separate vessels; one with English Ale Yeast, and the other with French Saison Yeast. Once blended the cider retains its apple fruit flavour and aroma, while achieving a spicy, tart, and dry finish. Great all around cider, made for the beer lover. 

Available by 500ml bottle

Chocolate Lake - Chocolate Chili Porter - 4.6% ABV

We have a program down here at Serpent called the Founders Club where customers work with our brewing and marketing team to design a beer from the ground up. Our first taker is a friend of ours Rob Halas and he pulled no punches with his beer decision. This chocolate chill porter was an interesting endeavour for a new brewery on new equipment but it’s become a team favourite. Subtle notes of chocolate and roast malt fall victim to a surprisingly pleasant chili heat. 

Only available on tap when we open for table service next week!

  • Brewed in Spryfield, NS

Our Story

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