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Serpent Brewing Beer & Cider

Patey’s Bier - Belgian Single - 4.6% ABV

A pale yellow ale with a beautiful white head that persists. Subtle fruit and spice characteristics from both the yeast and the hops. Soft malt palette, light body, and high carbonation. Also known as Patersbier “Father’s Beer” our single is in dedication to our brewers Grandfather Theo Patey who was known for his home-brew back in Newfoundland.

Eden - Belgian IPA - 6.0% ABV

A relatively new invention, the Belgian IPA is a beautiful marriage of the spice and fruit elements commonly found from the hops in an IPA and the yeast in a Belgian Ale. A marriage that is often at odds, however we’ve found the perfect lovers; a hop that brings a delicious orange zest, lemon, and earl grey, with the yeast bringing just the right touch of clove-like phenols, and fruit aromas.

White Mountain - Witbier - 5.5% ABV

The history of the Witbier goes back 400 years, maintaining a standard recipe of half and half wheat and barely. Our White Mountain is a very refreshing beer that has a soft, slightly sweet, grainy palette and flavour that gives way to a wave of coriander and orange peel.

Sprytown Saison - Saison - 5.5% ABV

Saison (Season) was traditionally a beer brewed by the farmers of France and Belgium. After the more favourable goods from the years harvest were provided, what was left was brewed into a beer intended for long aging over the winter months. Each season brings a new recipe.

Version 1 - Spring 2021 Expect rustic, malt forward, dark caramel notes from munich malt, balanced by spice and fruit from the saison yeast. 
Version 2 - Summer 2021 Gone are the deep caramel notes, increased tart and fruit character. 

The Bite - Apple Cider - 5% ABV

Serpent’s apple cider is a delicious blend of fresh Annapolis Valley apple juice. Fermented in two separate vessels; one with English Ale Yeast, and the other with French Saison Yeast. Once blended the cider retains its apple fruit flavour and aroma, while achieving a spicy, tart, and dry finish. Great all around cider, made for the beer lover. 

Seasonal & Limited Edition

Pavo - Tropical IPA 5.4% ABV

Pavo is the third release from our Beer Creation Experience. A program where customers work with our team to create their very own beer. John and Cyril came to us with a vision for a juicy and tropical IPA. Brewed with a generous late boil and dryhop addition of both Mosaic and Amarillo brings a huge berry and pine note aroma with the wheat and oat base tying the orange and melon flavors together for a perfect beer garden brew.

Whatermelon is wrong wit you?

Our friend Nick Sanford helped out at several points during the construction of the brewery (and helped sample Glen’s Homebrew over the years as they were roommates for over half a decade). Nick furthered that commitment by becoming a Founder and his beer selection was a brew Glen came up with years ago for a camping trip both he and Nick took together. What better way to commemorate that with a full scale batch of that, and with our Premier on the label to boot! The watermelon Witbier is our White Mountain with a punch of extra orange peel and a ton of Watermelon! Thanks Nick!

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  • Brewed in Spryfield, NS

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